Stone Fox Studio

Luxury by Design

What is the definition of luxury?

Think for a moment about what luxury means to you. Is it an extravagant, modern design? Maybe. Is it rich textured layered finishes? Perhaps. Is it beautiful natural materials combined in a space to harmoniously create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury?

The answer will be different with every person asked. Buckingham Palace boasts some unquestionably luxurious interiors, but most people wouldn’t feel comfortable adopting this style in their homes. To enjoy luxury in your own home, it has to be designed to appeal to you.

Specific characteristics are universally present in all luxurious interiors. Using quality materials and products, level of craftsmanship, and attention to detail both during the design process as well as in the execution of the design. Nothing is left to chance. All decisions are thoughtful and deliberate.

But an equally important factor of high-end design is comfort in use and function. The design process is driven by analysing how the space will be used and how to make it a perfect environment for its purpose.

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